Rainforest ECO has launched with the Spirit of Agape…

Well, it’s been mighty quiet in blogland the last few months, since all hands have been on deck to both finalize designs and print samples for the opening eco textile line. Done.

There’s now no question in my mind, that this is inspired work – for which I take no more credit than for listening and following what seems to be the most obvious thing that needs doing in the moment. The Spirit of Life on Earth itself want this – Pachamama!

Have a look and see what you think, knowing improvements will be continual: www.rainforestECO.com. Nothing is for sale to the public yet, we’re now lining up distributors – from online networks, to trendy chain stores, to interior design showrooms.

There’s the beginning of a catalogue online now, no prices – just some photos taken at a friend’s home and at Agape after a Choir Sunday on July 26, (yes, that’s me wearing our pink fern fabric as a sarong – front row – pink Indian shirt – right in front of the Rev’s left hand) with the genuinely beautiful inwardly and outwardly, Rickie Byars Beckwith modeling some of my fabrics after three services, starting with sound check at 6am. This picture taken around 3pm. This woman truly lives to give!

As the Rev says, “The Gift will make it’s own way…”

The key is to just keep saying “Yes, use me some more.”

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