I found my Tree…

Brazilian Aurocaria Tree

Today, after lengthy conversations with Marcelo of Serra Acima, Roberto of Salve Acerra, and Ian of Turiya Amazonia about how we might be able to coordinate and collaborate on our reforestation goals, I felt that I needed some divine feminine energy for a boost! Now these gentlemen are balanced, gorgeous beings – but they don’t inherently carry the “I can” of the Great Mother power!

Then I just “happened” to spot my friend Melinda Kramer, founder of the Women’s Earth Alliance, talking with Julia Butterfly Hill – the champion of a tree she named Luna, a thousand year old redwood whose life she saved. I have been deeply moved by the little I’ve known of this woman for years, and tonight I looked into her sparkling eyes, and told her of my dream, our project and connected in a way that is truly powerful to me.

Sometimes you just need a witness.

One of the things I observed was her silent eloquence. As we were to exchange contact information, I reached into an overstuffed purse holding: a paper catalogue of our fabrics, a folder with our business plan, another folder with the ECObank outline, some postcards promoting Rainforest ECO, a notebook to keep track of the things I think I ought to be keeping track of, and some business cards. I handed her a card.

She quietly handed the card back to me, and handed me a pen. Then she wrote her contact info in my notebook. No trees harmed by the transfer of information.

Learn more about Julia Butterfly Hill, in a wonderful article with an embedded video link, that just “happens” to also have an article about the Nature Conservancy’s project in Mata Atlantica. You can also learn about her new work What’s Your Tree.

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