The Blessings of our first year

It has been a most amazing year, filled with blessings…

The Bridge to Rainforest ECO lodge - Casimiro de Abreau

Rainforest ECO lodge - Casimiro de Abreau

Remembering this time last year – I was at Antoni’s Rainforest ECO Lodge first learning about Mata Atlantica, spending a day taking buses back to Rio with my daughter in time to walk into the waters at Copacabana on New Year’s Eve, then put her on a plane to the states on New Year’s Day, and travel back to the rainforest as quickly as possible to escape the crowds….

Brazilian Aurocaria Tree Seeds

A week later, going by bus from Casimiro de Abreu to Cunha to meet new friends (people and plants both) at Cunha EcoVilla and Serra Acima…Leaving from there back to the states after two months of R&D in Brazil, to launch our company….

Una de Gato Hemp Silk

Preparing now, one year later, to send our first fabric samples to Rio, and to initiate our pilot planting project by Spring of 2010.

I feel so very grateful for all of the people who showed up at the right place, right time, to bring this dream to life.

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