First Brazilian Pachamama Symposium Scheduled

After two years of dreaming and scheming, today we set tentative dates ( in August or September) and venue for the first Brazilian Pachamama Symposium in Sao Paulo.

Jon Symes, the Pachamama Alliance Outreach Director, is coming to co-lead the Symposium with me, and to run the faciliator’s training for key non-profit leaders who will attend, thanks to the network of our hosting facility, the Willis Harman House. They are the hub of IONS, World Business Academy, Club of Budapest and The Natural Step in Brazil as well as communities like The World Café, Human Dynamics, Appreciative Inquire, ONE Conscious Leadership, Globalnet.

With a Brazilian team of facilitators trained, the work will spread incredibly fast throughout the country…

The Symposium has done much to ferment Blessed Unrest, it is a powerful contributor to the worldwide movement for social change.”
~Paul Hawken

So what I’m asking you for now, is your support in a small, or a larger way, to make this possible. On the website, we’re running an offer to gift shawls to the first 100 people who donate $333 or more to the cause. My intention is to raise all of the funds necessary to pay for the expenses here, before the event, so that the money collected from participants in Brazil can stay in the country rather than being converted to US to reimburse costs.

There, we have a number of non-profits engaged in reforestation work, as well as our own budding Rainforest ECObank awaiting funding to start the first reforestation nursery, and a parcel of land waiting for new trees. Brazilian funds and whatever we raise here in excess of expenses, will pay for baby trees that will be tended well – unlike the trees in popular campaigns that are planted, then neglected.

Would you be among the first to help this initiative take off? It can be as simple as clicking on this link and choosing one of the three shawl designs you see on the website, or choose for a custom one to be made for you (just reply and I’ll send you some web-swatches to choose from) – or even receiving 2 yards of our organic, fair-trade hemp/silk charmeuse fabric that you can have made into throw pillows!

Funds are needed ASAP to purchase a hard-drive with V2 data to send down for translations, purchase tickets (airmiles are also welcome on Delta or Continental) and devote adequate time to proper promotions to make this first Brazilian event massively effective.

We know that we’re helping Pachamama to achieve their objectives of training more faciliators in a new country, advancing translations, and networking with key environmental organizational leaders in Brazil. And we’re achieving the ECObank’s objectives by sponsoring educational activities that will motivate more reforestation in the most diverse and endangered rainforest on the planet: Mata Atlantica.

Thank you in advance for considering my request. I may not be Lynne Twist, but I’m channeling her compelling energy to the best of my ability to inspire you to join us in action!

The Symposium is designed to accelerate the Great Turning to a just and sustainable world. It awakens us and reconnects us with our place in the web of life . . . I’m very impressed with the approach and the quality of the program.”
~Joanna Macy

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