Monthly Archives: April 2010

The Dream Coach Gets Her Silk On!

Marcia Weider just made a promotional video for her Dream University, and I found myself in it. Grabbed these shots of me putting a Rainforest ECO silk wrap around her (it’s hers now!) during one of her live events.

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More Eco-Shoes for Impact!

I don’t want to stop! There are so many ideas running through my mind right now, of ways that we could benefit both the rainforest and the children of Brazil with a bit of teamwork. Time to practice non-attachment, while…

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What do you think about these scarves & shoes?

While getting ready for the meeting with TOM’s team, (which has been postponed due to travel delays), I started playing with their shoes in our designs, to go with scarves and shawls. Would love your feedback!

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Can YOU Make a Difference?

I know you can. But the question is, do YOU know that? Check out WHY Rainforest ECO makes a difference and see where you fit in this picture. Hint: there’s more than one place… Now I know that by creating…

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Earth Day 2010 – A Giveaway

Look Good. Do Good. Say YES to Life.

We’ll give away a scarf this week, for the best eco-fashion accessory idea you send us. Write your ideas – for simple things made of silk that you just can’t resist! Tell us what you’d want (a scarf? how long? narrow or wide? fringed ends or flat? what colors? ) And if you know that it’s going to do some good by planting trees in the rainforest besides making you look good, would that help you decide to go for it?

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What if TOMS shoes liked our fabrics?

I’m going to meet with the TOMs team next week, to show them our fabrics and talk about Brazil. Since they’re all about making an Impact, and helping you and I to make one just by wearing their shoes, I’d like to make *double impact* by offering shoes that benefit both barefoot children who need them and the rainforest.

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Doggone deforestation…

Another problem caused by deforestation that we don’t often think about: Thank you Freda, for bringing this to our attention!

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Rainforest ECObank story on HUB’s Global Market

Listen to a one hour recording:HUB Global Market Interview with Alana Lea for Rainforest ECO. Tells how the idea was born, and how the plan is unfolding for the nursery in Brazil.

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