What if TOMS shoes liked our fabrics?

I’m going to meet with the TOMs team next week, to show them our fabrics and talk about Brazil. Since they’re all about making an Impact, and helping you and I to make one just by wearing their shoes, I’d like to make *double impact* by offering shoes that benefit both barefoot children who need them and the rainforest.

What do you think? Maybe you can help me make the case for this…

Would you buy these?

2 Comments on “What if TOMS shoes liked our fabrics?

  1. Are you kidding me, why settle for letting Toms get the glory, do this yourself! Why? not. Email me, seriously, I could get this rolling online if you have an affiliate program or something 😀

    Tony Tovar

    • Thanks for your offer Tony – we may take you up on it someday. But I have an entirely different way of looking at “letting Toms get the glory.” I LOVE what they’re doing – it’s a brilliant example of social enterprise at its best. They make a great product and make a great impact in the world. That, to me, is what social enterprise is all about. In our case, we began as a wholesale eco-textile supplier for the interior design trade, and are now moving toward eco-fashion. So I WANT to partner with companies who make great shoes, bags, clothes, etc. And our impact is the focus – what we can do for rainforest renewal when we have LOTS of our fabric in use. So if TOMs likes our ideas, we can make our customers happy by knowing they’re doing good for both children and the environment.

      We’re testing accessory designs now, scarves and shawls – getting feedback from potential customers, to get the designs and prices right. Then we’ll launch the online store, and set up some sort of affiliate program. Thanks for your comment and interest! Happy Earth Day.

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