Can YOU Make a Difference?

I know you can. But the question is, do YOU know that? Check out WHY Rainforest ECO makes a difference and see where you fit in this picture. Hint: there’s more than one place…

Now I know that by creating beauty and hope in the midst of chaos, by buying fibers from a supply chain where every living being from the farmer who grew the hemp or the cotton, to the caterpillars who were allowed to emerge from their cocoons naturally instead of being boiled alive before making their silk, were treated with respect and cared about the earth they were in partnership with, I make a difference.

I know that when their fibers go to the mill and the workers there are fairly paid, and don’t have to use harsh chemicals to dye the fabrics; that when those fabrics are printed with rainforest designs by a small press where people care enough to be sure they use water based inks and don’t waste water; that when those printed fabrics are sewn by people who need work at a fair wage in the USA, to make something that will make you feel richly blessed, and connected with this web of life, and maybe even gorgeous, we’ve made a difference as a company.

Here’s the part where you come in. If YOU help us to spread the word and by suggesting what you want to see us make, YOU can make a difference.

Right now, these fabrics and the scarves and the shawls, aren’t available in a retail shop setting (we’re working on it), but people are starting to receive them as gifts for their donations as Rainforest ECObank Sponsors.

Keep up with that fabulous, contagious energy of yours and I know you will reach your goals and make a profound impact on our planet.

Hugs, Caroline

Caroline MacDougall
Founder / CEO
Teeccino Herbal Coffee

WHY does this make a difference to the Earth?

Rainforest ECObank Founding Member

Remember, the whole reason we’re doing this is to raise awareness that together we can ALL make a difference to the fate of the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil, by raising funds we can send to rural communities who WANT to replant their degraded forest lands. They need money to buy a truck that can get them to the Mother trees to carefully harvest some seeds to plant in the rainforest nursery. And, they need money to build the nursery, so that they can raise the billion seedlings that organizations like the Nature Conservancy and the local governments even, want to buy – but can’t get enough supply.

Did you know that the major supplier of rainforest tree seedlings in Brazil is a nursery backed by Coca Cola? Wouldn’t it be awesome if the first organic nursery was backed by YOU?

So from the farmer who grows our fibers, to the farmer who replants our forests, they all need us to participate in the flow of energy we call money. In exchange for your money energy, we are committed to make you things that you will LOVE wearing and sharing. And, when you’re done with them, you can plant them in your garden. I once told Paul Hawken I’m in the business of making high-end, wearable fertilizer!

What do you think? Would you like to help us make a difference to people and planet?

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