Earth Day 2010 – A Giveaway

Look Good. Do Good. Just Say YES to Life.

We’ll give away a yummy hemp-silk charmeuese, rainforest printed scarf on May 1, for the best eco-fashion accessory idea you send us. Write your ideas in a comment box below – for simple things made of silk that you don’t want to resist! Tell us what you’d want (a scarf? how long? narrow or wide? fringed ends or flat? what colors? how much should it sell for?) And if you knew that it’s going to do some good by planting trees in the rainforest besides making you look good, would that help you decide to go for it?

Remembering that every day is Earth Day is the absolute real deal. So help me design an “Everyday is Earthday” or “I am a Voice for the Rainforest” inspired neck scarf, and let’s see what we can create… together.

10 Comments on “Earth Day 2010 – A Giveaway

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  2. OK…I think a simple scarf made of t-shirt type material that’s about medium length would be perfect. Personally, I think a greenish/brownish print and/or a screen print of a tree or a bird would be completely awesome.

    Since it’s to help the environment, you should sell it for $12-$15. People will feel good about buying your product, but also don’t want to feel ripped off by not getting a good deal. 🙂

    • Thanks Amy. That’s a whole different scene than what we’re geared up for, but we’ll sure look at it. We have access to organic color (naturally growing in color) cotton from Brazil this next year, but it’s not tee-shirt material. To do what you’ve described in organic, fair trade trade fabric, sewn in the US in small batches and still make money for trees would cost a lot more than that (unless it was all made in China – which is not our path). But we’ll see if there’s a way we can meet you to bring the price down. Thanks again for your feedback.

      Just found a really interesting recording by Seth Godin. If you listen to the first few minutes, you’ll get a sense of why we’re doing what we’re doing the way we’re doing it!

  3. Dearest Alana,

    Yes to everyday being Earth Day! I am Celebrating the creative Spirit that you are, we are! I believe beauty has the power to illuminate and your creations are beyond beautiful. I love scarfs and see how multifunctional they are. One minuet they are worn out in the world as an accesory and then they can come home and be a table runner, curtain or an altar cloth. I love shawls that can be worn around the shoulders or wrapped around the waist constantly evolving like we are. I love carrying the message of the rainforest out by wearing the frequencies of green and mixing it with the alchemy of gold.
    Thank you for sharing your brilliance it lights up the world.

    Many Blessings,

    • Thank you for your thoughts Sarah! Yes, that’s the way I love using them too. I think we’re cut from the same cloth – altar cloth!

  4. Hi Alana, thanks for the opportunity to be creative.

    I would love to see a silk headband.
    I envision a couple of different widths.
    One about 2 inches wide. The other 4 inches wide. (or wider and have it pleated)
    Both would have the (hemp) silk fabric be the majority with about 3 inches of elastic sewn end to end of the silk piece to hold it secure on the head and make putting on and off easy.
    The ends where the fabric are sewn to the elastic are scrunched together – I’d have to draw you a picture to explain exactly what I mean.
    Variety of colors of course.
    Any of the prints you already have designed for shawls, scarves and sashes cut smaller would work so well.
    Your boa is ideal – cut down to size.
    Price around $25 – but I am not sure what your costs are for labor and materials.


    • Kari, thanks so much for this idea. I’d love to see your drawing, and if you have a photo of yourself or someone wearing one, would love to see that too. Since I don’t know if you can post a photo in a comment here (feel welcome to try), maybe you could put it on the Facebook Fan Page. I think we could do it using the silky boa cut down and hit the price – great idea!

  5. Hi Alana – love your project!

    What about making sarongs out our your lovely fabrics? Perhaps in two different sizes – one larger that can be used as a cover-up or tied into a sexy summer dress, and one smaller that can be worn like a skirt tied at the waist over a bathing suit. I’ll bet the light silky fabrics would create a great airy feel and be very stylish out by the pool or on the beach!

    I think most sarongs whether they are skirts or dress length are usually “one size fits all” so it would probably keep things easy to make. I could send you some pictures on FB if you’re interested.

    Good luck and thanks for all your are doing for our wonderful planet!
    much love ~ Meshell 🙂

    • Hi Meshell, thank you! Yes, we’ve done one sample of a scarf/sarong in silk so far – the same piece you see Domenica wearing around her neck as a scarf in this photo. People do seem to love it, while I’m working to find ways to bring the price down. Right now most sarongs people find are being made in Asia (even the ones you buy on the beach in Brazil!), so the cost comparison with organic digitally printed silk is quite a leap. As long as you can grok the difference in method of making (see the post about Can You Make a Difference) these pieces to understand the why, it will work.

      I’m glad to be having these conversations in the open instead of wrestling with them privately! It means so much to me to know that we’re supporting the organic grower chain, as well as manufacturing in the USA. What I need to see is that YOU out there get that it’s worth paying more for something that has that energy behind it. I want to create a graphic that shows the chain of benefit – from the farmers who grow the fibers to the people along the journey who make the things to the farmers who replant the rainforests – for our hangtag!

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