Monthly Archives: May 2010

$20 Gift Certificate Offer with Rainforest Pillows

If you order 2 throw pillows from our gallery today, May 31, you will receive a $20 gift certificate with your order that can be used toward future orders of our scarves, shawls, ties belts or other offerings. You can use it yourself or give it to a friend to enroll them in the cause with you.

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Come to the Virtual Rainforest Gallery Opening!

Rainforest botanical art by Smithsonian artist Alana Lea, printed on sustainable hemp/silk throw pillows to generate funding for rainforest renewal in Mata Atlantica.

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What the Founders of FedEx and RainforestECO Have in Common

Who’d know that I had the same wonderful mentor that Fred Smith had during his napkin days of dreaming impossible dreams about flying small objects around the world from a central hub, if I didn’t write this post today?

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Rainforest Throw Pillows

Can’t wait for the photo shoot on Friday – our throw pillow samples arrived before the gardener did! We’ll have fresh photos with pillows listed in our online shop by this weekend…while they won’t be for sale for another month…

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Help Make it Happen for Rainforest ECObank on IndieGoGo

I’ve been looking for out-of-the-box options to raise the seed funds we need to get the fabric business moving forward a bit faster AND to raise literal seed money for our friends in the forest to go about their work….

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Cultivating Passion for Life…

Having spent more than twenty years as a horticulturalist before I became a Smithsonian botanical artist, and another ten years after that becoming a voice for the rainforest, this piece symbolizes my vision for the future, while telling a story…

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Rainforest ECO Swatch Update

The Rainforest ECO swatch showroom is easier to use now…

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