Rainforest ECO Swatch Update

Hope you’ll check out the Rainforest ECO swatch showroom today – it’s improved since the last time you saw it!

This was catalyzed by a morning meeting with an incredible young fashion designer who’s collaborating with Domenica to create some of her dresses, and who loves our fabrics, but did NOT love our online swatches!

In hand, the fabrics are rich and luscious. In those little squares – luscious is not the best adjective to describe them. Not even yummy. Maybe healthy, but definitely needing some pizazz…

Then I went to Nordstrom and met a young woman in the handbag department who wondered why I was photographing their rack of Fossil bags. I told her I wanted to envision my fabrics on the bags as a line, and handed her my card. She said “I know about you! I’m a student at San Francisco State and our class went to your site looking for swatches for a project we were working on, for sustainable fashion.” So, that’s why there were so many visits to the catalogue this week!

Okay, two mentions in one day inspired me to bump it up a notch. I know this still leaves a lot to be desired in both the swatch and catalogue departments – but that’s coming. Great help is coming on board so you should see a real improvement in these areas very soon. Time for another photo shoot too…

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