Who are the Rainforest Linchpins?

Having recently attended a Linchpin meet-up (based on the work of Seth Godin, my truth-as-marketing guru), I met a lot of people who identify with the title. Hmmmmmm. If I am what I believe I am, that’s a good thing.

According to Seth, a linchpin is someone not only indispensible, but creative, who can “ship” (as in get it done), handling the challenges along the way as part of the creative process.

So I started thinking “Who are the Rainforest Linchpins?” Who faces the challenges of deforestation and takes action to do something effective about it?

The first person who came to my mind was Lynne Twist co-founder of The Pachamama Alliance, co-creator of Awakening the Dreamer Symposiums, and the Mother of Four Years. Go.

As it happens, I just got this beautiful endorsement for our rainforest project from Lynne this morning, to invigorate my steps into greater action…

I see Rainforest ECObank as an excellent project that meets the goals of The Pachamama Alliance by renewing degraded rainforest land and fostering social justice for rural communities, as well as the “Four Years. Go.” mission to act during this precious window of time.

It is symbolic of the Hope we all need right now, to see what has been destroyed by humankind’s greed, can be renewed by our generosity.”
Lynne Twist

Who comes to your mind? Can you add to the Rainforest Linchpin List? I’d love to connect with these people and organizations to collaborate. We can offer our scarves to them for their fundraising too.

I’m seeking out a roomful of Rainforest Linchpins. I hope you’ll become one too, and help me grow the list. Please post your ideas and suggestions in the comments below…

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