Why do this?

Sometimes I just have to stop, take a deep breath and ask myself “Why do this?” Why spend hours in front of a computer, having conversations with the world – not sure if anyone’s reading unless a non-spam comment comes through? Why keep putting out non-profit proposals to fund education of rural farm communities to become rainforest nurserymen? Why put out funding pitches for the company to have the resources needed to go into full launch and production, to create rainforest conversation starters and fundraising gifts? Why not do something with more immediate rewards that are tangible?

So before launching into yet another proposal tonight (we’re applying for our educational work to become a project held by Earth Island Institute), I had to take a moment to go to a beautiful and sacred spot at the very center of San Francisco. There, I planted some Brazilian coins and a stone in the ground to earth my intention to fund Rainforest ECObank, to build our rainforest nurseries and replant a rainforest most people have never even heard of. As as I sat on a bench watching the last of the sunlight fade into night, a group of four beautiful young people came to share my perch.

We talked a bit, and I learned they were from Washington state, where I’d lived for many years, where my daughter still lives. They live here now, and asked me (without knowing what I was up to) if I’d ever heard of the rainforest up there. “Yes, the Olympic National Forest…” They were surprised I knew about it.

I told them I lived up there before the old growth had all been logged. I didn’t tell them I used to follow the logging trucks coming out of the forest, crying so hard I could barely see straight, talking to the trees they carried, apologizing for mankind’s love of paper and lack of foresight. In those days my daughter was so little, that my main job was to be the best mom I could be, which left little time to be a rainforest activist other than painting a portrait of an endangered snowy owl. And, there was little hope to stop the process while the loggers were racing the clock to get the old growth out before any legislation could possibly stop them…

So when these beautiful young people heard that my work now was devoted to replanting a rainforest in Brazil, where we have cooperation for the idea even from the government, they wanted to help. They asked if they could volunteer – what could they do? I asked them to help me spread the word and build our social media presence.

I knew then that my planted seeds of intention had been accepted by our Mother Earth, and that the help I’m seeking is here, now. I remembered (hadn’t really forgotten, but it’s nice to get some affirmation from time to time) that it was for them, for their children, for my unborn grandchildren that we do this.

So very grateful for signs, that come from Life itself…

If you’d like to be a part of our start-up process and receive a gifted silk shawl, please click here.

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