What if you held a raffle and nobody bought a ticket?

Interesting question, and food for today’s thoughts.

Can you win if you don’t buy a ticket?

Perhaps everyone was outside playing this weekend instead of reading blogs, FB comments and Tweets. That’s a good thing. Yet, there were people who chose to donate to the Tree fund instead of taking a chance that they might personally benefit through the raffle. That’s a good thing too.

So what is winning?

To me, winning is not feeling defeated by circumstances nor stopped by obstacles that appear to block your path. It is to take on the seemingly impossible with the highest energy and intent and will to fulfill the goal. It is to give best focus, energy, response, action and follow-through.

What does this mean for the rainforest renewal project? It means reaching out to more sponsors, finding more donors and selling more products until we’ve met this year’s goal of buying and giving those 250,000 trees for reforestation. It means not allowing the stories around us (some of them that we’re stars of ourselves), to stop the flow of possibility, of hope.

I see the renewal of the slashed and burned rainforest as the perfect metaphor for life itself these days. We have pillaged our own legacy, but have before us the chance to renew it.

I’m taking that chance. What about you?

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