En Route to the Rainforest

While there have been definite tones of Mission Impossible these last months, thanks to the incredible generosity of many people, we are able to really begin our planting project in Mata Atlantica this coming week.

I’m writing this from the plane, en route to Sao Paulo, where I’ll journey to the countryside and be at home in Mata Atlantica by tomorrow at this time, to meet with a cooperative of growers next week. We’ll be able to secure the first 1,000 trees and prepare for transport and planting within a 50 mile journey, and I’ll learn how to use our new camera to record the process here…

Can’t quite figure out how to upload photos to blog from iPad yet – but hey – I have another16 hours in the air and airports to figure it out!

Have had the most wonderful experiences with two classes of homeschoolers in Los Angeles a few days ago, who take heart and hope that combined efforts will achieve the goal of reforesting Mata Atlantica, increasing cloud cover by 2% and turning the tide toward global cooling.

I look forward to seeing our KFESA – Kids For Environmental & Social Action show themselves here to participate in the conversation. Such beautiful young people, so wise and full of contribution. They will be doing research, editing the video I shoot, and corresponding with youth of the rainforest (hopefully!) in the days ahead.

In case you’re reading this and haven’t done so yet, I’d love to see you as a “backer” helping to spread the good news of our progress as it unfolds on our http://www.changents.com/rainforesteco website, where I’ll focus my efforts.

Hugs from 20,000 feet!

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One Comment on “En Route to the Rainforest

  1. Hi Alana, Looks like you are fine with the blog. So cool to think of you blogging from on high in the sky 🙂
    Love and kisses,

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