Rainforest Partners in Brazil

I’ve been hosted by an association of organic growers to tour their rainforest nurseries of every shape and size, who all received the same dream that I did less than two years ago. It’s a demonstration of consciousness planting the seed of an idea, within many people who each took action to make it real.

Little by little, these growers met one another, formed an association to help one another and share information on the best organic methods for growing trees of the forest, and then through synchronistic messages crossing cyberspace, found me. How *that* happened is a movie of coincidence – too long for the short time I have to be online today – but we all agreed is a miracle of Consciousness directing what Nature wants to have happen.

Back to our process of planning for tree deliveries…

While we work on the plans for the delivery of the first 1,000 trees within the next week, there are now other towns who are hearing of what we’re doing with Cunha, who hope to receive trees in the future.


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