Give-A-Way to Replant a Rainforest

Give-A-Way to Replant a Rainforest, this holiday season, to subsistence farm families in Brazil. You can buy Brazilian trees, and we will send you Rainforest ECObucks to hang on your tree, or enclose in your gift package, while your recipient will have the satisfaction of knowing their gift will sink one ton of carbon, when it reaches maturity. Now that’s a present!

Click here to donate to Rainforest ECObank for trees to be given to farm families this month.
(Note, this is NOT a tax deductible contribution – but it is a gift to the rainforest of Brazil, through our partnership with rural Associations in the state of Sao Paulo, in the town of Cunha.)

We have the opportunity to plant 250,000 trees, reforesting 357 acres. The trees must be planted during the rainy season, no later than January to have a good start before the dry season sets in.

Please help us to make this gift to the Earth and each other, possible. $100 = 100 trees. Any amount is welcome.

Click to enlage

Rainforest ECObank is a cooperative initiative between the United States and Brazil, NGOs and social businesses.

Our Mission is to inspire sustainable enterprises in rural areas, empower social justice and connect communities with innovative green companies through long term commercial relationships, while replanting the most diverse and endangered rainforest on the planet – from seed to seed.

Our Goal is to sponsor training in organic methods of tree and shrub propagation, and permaculture reforestation methods. We will document the process by video to spread stories of existing rainforest renewal successes in isolated rural areas, while supporting local NGOs and cooperative enterprises engaged in this work now.

Our Objective is reforestation by generating sustainable, fair trade rainforest product income for our partners. Trees grown by local cooperatives will be purchased and given to small holders for their family’s land reforestation, with a priority given to riparian forests in order to help with water protection. New skills, coupled with access to global markets, give slash/burn farm families an income for replanting their land instead of grazing cattle.


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