A Modern Thanksgiving

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Before I leave the precious quiet and internet connection of Marcio’s law office in Guaratingueta, where I have been given a haven of space to think, to work, I must write one more post about what we co-created last week.

What you see in this photo, of me helping to plant a single tree, represents the end of one story and the beginning of the next. The man in the picture takes care of a property where many of the trees will be planted alongside of a pristine water source, with patches of first growth rainforest. After he dug holes, and together we planted a tree, then his family helped to plant another, we all walked up the hill to the source of the nascente to have a drink of pure water.

A conversation followed, as Fernando, President of the Nativas Vivieros Association (washing hands on right of photo) and Marcio (drinking on the left), Attorney for the Association, spoke with our planting partner.

They noticed seeds for species that the Association didn’t have yet, in his forest and asked if he’d be willing to collect them, and sell to the Association. He was happy with that idea. Then Fernando continued, that he’d be a welcome new member of the Association, and he could learn more about how to grow the seeds into trees – perhaps starting his own nursery – and teach others how to plant them properly, as he’d just learned. Further, perhaps he could work doing tree maintenance for newly planted forests, as Fernando’s crew did.

A new possible future opened for us all, on that Thanksgiving day. It happened spontaneously, it could not be stopped, nor had it been planned.

As Seth Godin wrote:

Wherever you are, you could celebrate Thanksgiving today.

Not the Thanksgiving of a bountiful harvest before the long winter, the holiday of pilgrims and pie. That’s a holiday of scarcity averted. I’m imagining something else…

A modern Thanksgiving would celebrate two things:

The people in our lives who give us the support and love we need to make a difference, and…

The opportunity to build something bigger than ourselves, something worth contributing. The ability to make connections, to lend a hand, to invent and create.

There are more of both now than there have ever been before. For me, for you, for just about all of us.

Thanks for joining me every day, thanks for your support, but most of all, by a longshot, thanks for doing the work, work that matters.”

I am so deeply grateful, to all who have made this experience possible, for all of us: to the many people in the US who have given their time, talent, support, money and heart to send me this far: Ian Scanlan, Marc Dangeard, Jenny Kassen, LeGrande Green, Martin Dunkerton, Katherine Woodward Thomas, my Pachamama family, the KEFSA (Kids for Environmental and Social Action) of Los Angeles, and my beautiful Rose, who always inspires me to make the world a better place. And now, to my family here in Brazil: to Maria Amalia Souza, Marcio Ricci, Helio Benetti, Fernando Rocha, the Nativas Vivieros do Vale Association, and the people of Cunha who are willing to bring their land back to life, for all of us. And also to Globo tv, who did very heartful coverage of our story that will air on Brazilian tv on Dec. 10. It could not have been done better, with more care.

We are so truly in this movement together, for life. I’m very, very happy.

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