Believe it first, See it later. FLOW.

Okay. So you’ve seen “The Secret” and read about the Law of Attraction, maybe even practiced what you read a bit, then gave up, thinking nothing was happening. I’m writing today, to remind us all, to HOLD the Vision and keep moving forward. Here’s why…

You’ll see from the tab above (on the blog) the section “Rainforest ECObank project” and on it are two videos we made and put on YouTube over a year ago. In the second one, I spoke of wanting to grow trees that The Nature Conservancy could use for their Plant a Billion Trees project in Mata Atlantica. I combed their website, looking for a contact person who I could talk to, with no luck.

Then, about a week before leaving on this trip, my attorney – Jenny Kassen – emailed me with the contact info for another Brazilian American she’d met on a trip to Florida. He and I conversed, and he asked me if I knew of his friend who worked with TNC – the exact contact I’d been seeking for nearly two years. I wrote to him and asked if we could meet while I was here.

Well, yesterday we did meet in Sao Paulo, along with the person in charge of the field programs here. They were both a bit astounded at the grass-rootedness of what we just accomplished, and want to go visit the project. It could be a good fit with their program, and that could bring more support to the area, more trees, more flow in all ways – including pure water for the city of Sao Paulo in the long run. As the next steps occur, I’ll keep you posted.

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