The State of the World Forests report by the UN for the International Year of Forests 2011

The year 2011 has been designated ‘The International Year of Forests’ by the United Nations General Assembly. This builds on momentum already generated in other international arenas, such as those related to climate change and biodiversity, to bring even greater attention to forests worldwide. Work is progressing rapidly on international forest issues and this edition of State of the World’s Forests focuses on a number of critical themes designed to stimulate greater analysis during the International Year of Forests.

… The 2011 issue takes a more holistic approach to the multiple ways in which forests support people’s livelihoods under the theme ‘Changing pathways, changing lives: forests as multiple pathways to sustainable development’. To explore this theme, the report tackles three core subjects – sustainable forest industries, climate change and local livelihoods – and examines their potential to stimulate development at all levels. In addition, we present new regional level analyses drawn from the Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010 (FRA 2010).

Read more by clicking on the image to download the report.
State of the World's Forests

This only helps to deepen our commitment to the work we’ve begun in Mata Atlantica, working with rural communities, associations and growers to build a foundation for a sustainable future, together.

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