Kids For Environmental & Social Action host Rainforest ECObank Benefit Concert

Have you ever felt down, depressed and hopeless over the dismal condition of our planet’s environment and many of her people? Well, we did too. So we founded a group (back in 2004) to do our part in helping to shift things for the better. Who are we? KFESA (Kids For Environmental and Social Action). At the time the founders were 9, 10 and 11, now our members ages range between 8 and 18. Recently, we met someone who really moved us to further the cause of the rainforest, her name is Alana Lea. She is a multi-talented entrepreneur who has founded several small businesses. Her most recent venture is a really inspiring one called Rainforest ECO. This company has moved beyond conserving the rainforest to actually replanting it!

The rain forest Alana has chosen to focus on is the Atlantic Rain forest (Mata Atlantica) in Brazil. It is the most diverse rainforest in the world, even more so than the Amazon rain forest, from which it is completely separate. It is smaller and as such is less known outside of Brazil. In its pristine state it stretched from the northeastern tip of Brazil down the entire coast and into Paraguay and Argentina. Now there are only isolated pockets left, 7% in total. The rest has been destroyed mainly for cattle ranching, soy, and sugar plantations.

Rainforest ECO started a reforestation project called Rainforest ECOBank, and completed their first gifting of 1,000 trees in 2010. They are currently doing a drive to buy and plant 25,000 trees, and maintain them for two years which will cost $250,000 and will reforest about 15 hectares (42.5 acres). The trees will be donated to an individual who currently harvests seeds to be planted in nurseries. He will take care of the trees for two years and the process will be documented using video and Google Earth. Hopefully, this will also get them started on a carbon credit process. This will bring in more profits for the people who plant and maintain the trees, in turn giving them a source of funds to further their planting efforts. We have decided to call on our many musically talented members to help Alana, in her admirable tree planting efforts. You can learn more about the project or make a donation by visiting

We will be holding a fund raising concert to be held at the Topanga Community house on March 6th at 2:00pm. Pre-ordered tickets will be $10 for Adults and $7 for children 12 ; at the door the prices will be, $12 and $8. All of the proceeds will directly benefit the Rainforest ECObank project.

Tickets will be available at Water Lily’s and Mimosa Cafe.


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