Monthly Archives: March 2011

Kids Concert + Moms Cookies = 2,000 Trees

Thanks to the initiative of the Kids For Environmental & Social Action (KFESA), 2,000 native species trees are on their way to farmers in Lorena, Sao Paulo, Brazil for the reforestation of Mata Atlantica. These young people poured their hearts…

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We Plant Hope

This has been such week for planet Earth and its inhabitants, with the challenge being to find hope amidst the news of disaster and destruction. But thanks to the efforts of women who bake cookies and homeschool their children who…

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Greenwash, Fair Trade or Exploitation?

In my last post, I mentioned my dismay at the NGO who offers nothing to the people doing the work on the ground, that they raise funds for and write reports about, brilliantly. That, to me, is the ultimate Greenwash….

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