Money Now Grows on Trees

We’ve all been told that money doesn’t grow on trees. But is that really true? Maybe it depends upon how you define “money.” Webster defines it as

…something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value…

So on this Earth Day, 2011, what if we make the choice to value people who grow and plant trees, who renew a rainforest and breathe life back into diversity, and by-the-way, create carbon sinks with those trees they nurture? Wouldn’t it be awesome if hundreds and thousands of people who actually DO appreciate Life on Earth enormously, and were to circulate energy to support people who do good things for it? Click on the bill below to see how!

Personally, I’ve had enough bad news for a lifetime. I’m more interested in how we can reclaim our power as individuals, to invest our interest in things that make us feel good: like fresh air, clean water, cool breezes, increasing cloud cover and a diversity of plant life awaiting our discovery of their secrets.

So if you’d like to join this movement of Planting Hope, please make a donation to Rainforest ECObank today. We’ve been able to buy and give away 3,050 trees since November 2010, in Brazil’s slash/burn cattle country. We have thousands more trees ready to plant, and acreage ready to receive those trees. We have growers, local and international NGO partners, farmers and permaculture educators all standing by, wondering if we REALLY value their contributions enough to circulate a bit of our flow toward them. Let’s show them that we do.

And, we are proud to announce our partnership with We Forest. Watch this short video to learn How To Repair The World.

For all of us, whether we know it or not, every day is Earth Day.

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