Forks Over Knives = Trees Over Cattle

Having just attended the premier of Forks Over Knives, and made my first walk down a red carpet, I was surprised when my interview was included within this clip:

But I shouldn’t be surprised, because the evolution of consciousness cannot be stopped. It’s only natural since all things ARE connected, that reforestation is not isolated from health. Consider these alternatives:

slash/burn/deforestation> cattle> hamburgers> obesity/diabetes/heart disease/cancer
agro/reforestation> fruits/vegetables>clean water>decrease in global warming and disease

So if we are able to gently introduce the idea that reforestation, with the reintroduction of native fruit crops that once grew in the rainforest, as well as agro-forestry to produce organic vegetables in the understory that can be sold locally, everyone wins. Ranchers and farmers will gain new sources of revenue while having the benefit of clean water return instead of continually diminishing supplies; local people could increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables that would increase their health; and eventually flooding would be diminished as sufficient reforestation takes hold. And, when we hit the mass needed, global warming will be reversed.

Planting trees or 20 million km2 of forests would create enough clouds to halt global warming in its tracks. We Forest

That’s a vision worth living for.

We’ve been able to buy nearly 3,500 trees since November 2010, to give to people wanting to reforest in Sao Paulo state. If you’d like to help increase that number, please do it now at Rainforest ECObank.

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