How to Replant a Rainforest

Massive deforestation has made Brazil one of the world’s top greenhouse gas emitters.…The Raw Story on Deforestation

This is why we do what we do: Buy trees from rural Brazilian nurseries who are doing great work, growing native trees organically, and without subsidies from chemical companies. Give the trees to local NGOs who work with small landowners, teaching them why putting the forest back – or at least as much as possible – is a really good idea. Talk to anyone who will listen, about the importance of reforestation in Brazil, to halt global warming. Raise more money to buy and give more trees. Discover the ways to make this work self-sustaining. Repeat. Scale.

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Thankfully, when we raise funds to plant trees, we don’t have to do the hard work of planting them. The March fundraiser by Kids for Enviromental & Social Action raised enough money for us to buy 2,000 trees (while we still need to backfill the funding to cover field maintenance costs for two years) that were divided between 2 ranchers, thanks to the training and relationships built by the Instituto Oikos de Agroecologia. These smallholders had experienced the problems of deforestatation causing landslides and flooding on their land, and wanted to start putting trees back in strategic areas.

…Brazil’s Congress debates a bill that has sparked clashes between environmentalists and supporters of farmers and ranchers over how to regulate the country’s vast but vulnerable wilderness. At issue is a reform of the 1965 law regulating forestry. The current law forces land owners that have forest on their property to keep part of it intact.

A reform is being pushed by Brazil’s powerful agribusiness sector, which is chafing under the country’s strict environmental rules…The government hopes the proposed reform would force private owners to re-forest land they have already destroyed. …The Raw Story on Deforestation

Good news – the folks in the pictures want more trees. We’re in sync.


2 Comments on “How to Replant a Rainforest

  1. Glad to follow the continued exploring of new ways Alena Lea and friends work to save our rainforest. The Amazon Rain Forest and many rain forests of our Northwest have been a passion of mine since 1990 when as part of “One Society” and the “Western Wilderness Committee”we gave our “Rain Forest Benefit” the the Vancouver Hotel. Keep up the good work!!
    Nancy King dailyplanet”Amazon”

  2. I have planted about 300 trees and will plant more. It is an inner drive I have had all my life. Trees are the symbol of life.

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