Monthly Archives: June 2011

Sink 1,000 Tons of Carbon While You Collect Smithsonian Art

I’m serious about loading the tree truck clear to the back door on Monday. So if one person will donate $5,000, we’ll put another 1,000 trees (which is presently loading 753 trees) on, AND I’ll give them a set of…

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Tweet for Trees this Weekend

This weekend will you join us in a Tweet for Trees campaign? Tweet for Trees Today http://www.rainforestecobank.com Help us fill our delivery truck by Monday. Choice: a LATTE or a TREE to suck up a ton of carbon?RT The number…

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Agape Love Sends 688 Trees to the Rainforest

While I can’t tell you the results of the BBC Reality TV contest yet : ) I can tell you that Agape’s LOVE IN ACTION is a REALITY! Their support has raised enough money to buy 688 trees over the…

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BBC Reality TV Will Show How GIVING WINS

Thank you BBC International, for selecting Abby Lodmer, of Humor Healing Humanity, as one of 4 contestants in your new reality show “What’s a Grand Between Friends?” Their goal, is to raise as much money as they can in 3…

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