Sink 1,000 Tons of Carbon While You Collect Smithsonian Art

I’m serious about loading the tree truck clear to the back door on Monday. So if one person will donate $5,000, we’ll put another 1,000 trees (which is presently loading 753 trees) on, AND I’ll give them a set of three pieces of art I did for a Smithsonian exhibit of orchids and pollinators:

Nature's Jewels - Botanical Art

Two framed,handcolored,1/10 edition prints of the stories of an orchid and its pollinator.Handcolored Botanical Art Prints

One framed original botanical watercolor of Disa “Pride of Porterville” with its pollinator Aeropetes Tulbaghia. (As seen in the collage image above.)

(Looking for the photo – I know it’s here somewhere…)

Yours for a donation of 1,000 trees to the rainforest…

Sink 1,000 tons of carbon while you collect Smithsonian art.

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