What If You Could Help Halt Global Warming, Preserve Wildlife Species, and Live with Greater Sustainability – Would You Do It?

Would you? Sometimes we all get overwhelmed by the environmental bad news coming at us from all directions. But what if YOU COULD make a difference by giving an hour of your time, to listen to inspiring speakers and join them in an empowering dialogue? Would you show up? Let yourself be lifted up? Speak out about what’s important to you? Ask for some advice on how to meet the need?

You’re invited to do just that, on Saturday, August 6 at 10am PST, in the first of a series of interactive conference calls being hosted by *Maestro Conference.

Come and meet Jungle Jenny, an advocate for wildlife and habitat who has started a movement called CPR Earth – Reviving the Health of the Planet.

She’s one of my FAVORITE (as in I LIKE everything she posts) personalities on Facebook! I invited her to be one of our inspiring speakers on this show because she can make science so easy to digest, and always focuses on the positive, the beauty, as well as the urgency for us to preserve species for the future.

I intend to learn a lot from Jenny – and – we’ll have time to ask questions and go into break out sessions together. Lovers of Wildlife, this is your opportunity to speak with an expert, and get motivated.

We’ll also be visiting with Lynn Johnson Hasselberger, Founder of myEARTH360.com
to learn from her about green and sustainable buying habits that help to reduce our impact on the planet. How globally cool is that?

And yes, I will be speaking too, sharing a some of our Rainforest ECO reforestation stories, and telling you about our affiliation with the global non-profit We Forest.

I’m even going to show MOVIES!!! The only part we haven’t figured out is how to serve popcorn – but by Saturday – it’s a done deal!

Ready to register? Sign up here. And during the conference, please be at your computer if possible, so that you can click on the link for the participant dashboard. That’s where we’ll be showing the snazzy visuals to accompany each speaker.

Our *Maestro is Joshua Home Edwards, who has facilitated calls for Barack Obama, Jean Houston, Van Jones, Arielle Ford, Neale Donald Walsch, Katherine Woodward Thomas and MoveOn.org among other notables. Wow, do we ever feel blessed…

The registration confirmation will come from Joshua’s email: fieldsofgoldforeveryone@gm​ail.com, so please check your junk folder after registering for the call, in case you don’t see your *registration acknowledgement* immediately, with your UNIQUE PIN (not to be shared) – so that we can recognize YOU on the call! Feel free to share the registration link http://bitly.com/buzz2bonding1 with anyone. Talk soon!

One Comment on “What If You Could Help Halt Global Warming, Preserve Wildlife Species, and Live with Greater Sustainability – Would You Do It?

  1. To whom it may concern: It came to my attention that there is controversy and legal action regarding Bill Liao’s business dealings. I’d simply like to make clear that after serving as WeForest’s US Ambassador, and having our Mata Atlantica project briefly under their wing in 2011, I discontinued both relationships. While there are certainly good people involved in the organization, ultimately I did not experience an alignment with my values.

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