World to Brazil’s President Dilma: Save the Amazon

Originally Posted on 15 August 2011
The Amazon is in serious danger: Brazil is on the verge of gutting its forest protection laws — unless we act now, vast tracts of our planet’s lungs could be opened up to clear-cutting devastation.

This threat to the Amazon has sparked widespread anger and protests across the country and tensions are rising. In an effort to stifle criticism, armed thugs, allegedly hired by loggers, have murdered environmental advocates. But the movement is fighting back — in four days, brave indigenous people are leading massive marches across Brazil to demand action and inside sources say President Dilma is considering vetoing the changes.

79% of Brazilians support a veto of the forest law changes and this internal pressure is leading some in Dilma’s administration to back a veto. But we need a global cry of solidarity with the Brazilian people to really force Dilma’s hand. Our global petition will be boldly displayed on banners at the front of the massive marches for Amazon protection.Let’s reach one million to SAVE THE AMAZON! Click the link to sign this urgent petition and send this on to everyone.

Avaaz – World to Dilma: Save the Amazon.

To President Dilma Rousseff:

We call on you to take immediate action to save Brazil’s precious forests by vetoing the changes to the forest law. We also urge you to prevent further murders of environmental activists and workers by increasing law enforcement against illegal loggers and ramping up protection for people at risk from violence or death. The world needs Brazil to be an international leader on the environment. Your strong action now will safeguard the planet for future generations.

2 Comments on “World to Brazil’s President Dilma: Save the Amazon

  1. thank you for the fantastic post and initiative! As a Biologist myself, i could not stay silent… thanks for subscribing to my blog, as well, where I try to share not just our impressions as a traveller family in the foreign service, but also, share ideas as a committed and concerned parent, raising my kids to a more sustainable world. Please feel free to browse thru the ideas for eco-fiendly projects i’d proposed for kids, and the images showcasing the natural beauties of places we’ve been too, as more recently, Brazil, until the end of our current post… Thanks for caring! Cheers from Recife, Brazil

  2. Thank you too, for all that you do. I can’t take credit for the post – it comes from Avaaz and I just reposted it to reach people who read my blog – like you!

    Will enjoy reading your blog and looking at photos too. And, as I’m involved with a global reforestation NGO – – I’d love to know if there are any reforestation inititiaves in your area.


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