WeForest Founder Bill Liao: A Long Journey to TED

Introducing the founder of WeForest, Bill Liao, is a big deal. I especially want to do it well since I work with him now, as the organization’s US Ambassador. And, I can’t think of a better way for you to understand why it’s such an honor, than to share a bit of his story, as it first appeared in the Huffingtonpost Green.

This is a man who walks his talk. Literally.

Bill Liao: "Trees make clouds. Plant enough, and you can fix the planet." Bill Liao wants to plant 2 trillion by 2020. During Session 2 of TED2011. February 28 - March 4, Long Beach, CA. Credit: James Duncan Davidson / TED

When I became a diplomatic special envoy representing St. Kitts and Nevis, I was faced with a unique problem.

You see, my personal views on achieving any meaningful execution revolve around the use of story and narrative to be the catalyst that galvanizes people into action. In the realm of the environment though the issues are so huge and complex that generating a productive and readily understood narrative was all but impossible to begin with. I needed to start somewhere and I needed a plan, so I decided to give something up that would have an immediate impact that would allow me to at least have something to say while I searched for a deeper and more profound story to get behind.

So on 26th November, 2008, I gave up flying.

Now there are already plenty of people in the world who do not fly and so this may not appear to be much of an effort on my part. That said, at that time I had accumulated over 3 million frequent flyer miles across 5 different programs.

Giving up flying was a major change in my world and it has meant some very tough choices. I have committed that I will not fly again until the charity I founded, WeForest.org achieves its goals.

Read the whole story:Bill Liao: A Long Journey to TED.

Please, help us plant some trees so Bill can fly again. I’d really like to have him over for dinner…

One Comment on “WeForest Founder Bill Liao: A Long Journey to TED

  1. To whom it may concern: It came to my attention that there is controversy and legal action regarding Bill Liao’s business dealings. I’d simply like to make clear that after serving as WeForest’s US Ambassador, and having our Mata Atlantica project briefly under their wing in 2011, I discontinued both relationships. While there are certainly good people involved in the organization, ultimately I did not experience an alignment with my values.

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