Rainforest Action Network’s Rebecca Tarbotton Speaks with David Suzuki about Winning and Losing

With deepest respect and admiration for Rainforest Action Network’s Director, Rebecca Tarbotton, who met with an unexpected end far before any of us were ready to let her go, I want to share this inspiring video. Please, watch it all the way to the end for the GOOD NEWS that emerges.


She processes the emotion of an unexpected conversation with David Suzuki, who solemnly tells her we’ve already lost the battle against human induced climate change. As hard as it is to fathom, many of us know it’s true, so now the question becomes what we can do to lessen the negative effects on our present and future generations.


Then she gets the news of Disney’s response to RAN’s eight month long campaign to stop using Indonesian rainforest sourced paper. The Disney deal, as the largest publisher of children’s books on the planet, is the most impactful win for the rainforest conservation movement that has ever occurred.

And it is Rebecca’s legacy to present and future generations. This Earth Angel’s sustained energy, enthusiasm, wisdom and zeal brought about a miracle that will have unimaginable positive ripple effects.

Deep Peace Rebecca. Deep Peace.

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