FRED talk > TED talk – I’m Talking to YOU about Replanting a Degraded Rainforest

TED talks are my absolute favorite form of edutainment, so when I was invited to speak at a Los Angeles Fred Talk in December, I was one happy Brazilian!

Alana Lea #FREDtalk

FRED is based on TED…and the similarity in names is no coinkidink! FRED is a TED with Friends. And good food. And sometimes some dogs that you can pet.

Since the event took place on 12.12.12, an important date for those following the Mayan Calendar events, I spoke about “Music for the End Days of the Mayan Calendar.” In a room full of 100+ new Friends, I offered everyone a chance to support the “end days” of greed, and download music as thanks for their (non-tax deductible) contributions to crowdfund the renewal of a rainforest.

We raised enough to plant 20 trees that night.

Or if you’d like to contribute seed funds toward creation of a native seed bank, please visit our ECO Floresta project with the EarthWays Foundation. Those donations are tax deductible.

To hear the 9 minute FredTalk, just click on the picture above or use this link.

We’re so close to our milestone of giving 5,000 trees – only 240 trees to go! With your help spreading the word, we can make the mark in time for planting this rainy season.

Thanks for listening, thanks for contributing, and thanks for sharing this post with your Facebook friends!

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4 Comments on “FRED talk > TED talk – I’m Talking to YOU about Replanting a Degraded Rainforest

    • Hi Sophie, thank you! I’m connected with Tree Sisters on Facebook and Claire has been keeping up with our work there! Really happy to hear from you. Stay tuned – a new post is coming!!!

      • Ooh, great news. I have subscribed to your feed and I look forward to reading it. Hugs to you wonderful sister! I’m standing with you.

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