From an Endangered Rainforest to Your Garbage Can and Toilet

Who’d have known that the “genetically improved” Eucalyptus plantations near our organic reforestation projects were supported by an international NGO in partnership with Monsanto, paper and aluminum industries? These new trees reforesting the area provide pulp for toilet paper and diapers while the aluminum mines nearby wrap your hot dogs.

Let the pictures tell the story… Click on the pictures to download the source documents if you think I’m making this up.






If you’d like to help us hold our organic ground, while we seek out the larger organizational support we need, please make a non-tax-deductible contribution. We will keep planting native trees without the use of toxic chemicals, while supporting a network of small rural entrepreneurs to stay in the nursery business, as well as a small local ngo and subsistence farm families who receive


2 Comments on “From an Endangered Rainforest to Your Garbage Can and Toilet

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