11th Hour Holiday Gifts That Give Back

SEATTLE, Dec. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Looking for an easy green gift idea? Give a tree.

Right now, you can help restore an endangered rainforest while getting great perks for your contributions. The iGiveTrees crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo runs through December 30, and has already exceeded its initial $10,000 funding goal. Now the intention is to see how much more positive impact it can create before the end of the year.

$5 plants an organically grown native tree in Brazil’s endangered Atlantic Forest.
$10 insures it’s maintained in the field without toxic chemicals, for two years.

Started by a Brazilian-American artist and writer, Alana Lea, iGiveTrees has grown into a worldwide statement of hope for the future. She has been dubbed the “Real Life Lorax” by many, and now encourages others to share the title with her.

Five years into this grassroots, organic reforestation project, a global community has formed to support native tree growers, small local NGOs and subsistence farm families to restore this most bio-diverse rainforest. It’s already 93% gone.

While the iGiveTrees campaign runs year-round, it only offers this wide selection perks to donors during the Holiday Season: a gift certificate and cards, a stellar collection of musical downloads, Amazonian chocolate, organic biodynamic coffee, a sacred cookbook and rainforest print scarves. Successful Indiegogo Campaign 'iGiveTrees' Offers Perks to 'Green Gifters' — SEATTLE, Dec. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ —

Support has come from every corner of the earth because people realize this is an opportunity to literally transplant the damaged lungs of the planet. And that’s a gift to us all.

11th Hour Holiday Gifts That Give Back

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