Finding Hope During a Dark Night of the Earth’s Soul

Over the last six years of rainforest renewal projects in Brazil, I’ve had to dig deep to keep finding hope for our beautiful planet’s future.

Once a haven of biodiversity, 93% of Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest has been destroyed during the last centuries, resulting in heavily populated areas like the city of São Paulo, to suffer from an epic drought in 2015. Mining the history of Rio de Janeiro, the city where I was born, for a glimmer of hope, I found one: the story of the restoration of the Tijuca Forest. It surrounds the iconic statue of Cristo Redentor, atop the mountain of Corcovado that represents Brazil to the world.

The first Europeans to arrive in the area cut down trees for firewood and construction. The lower areas were slashed and burned to clear land for sugar plantations. When coffee was introduced to Rio de Janeiro in 1760 further swathes were cut down to install fazendas –– plantations. But the deforestation had destroyed Rio’s watershed.

In 1861 one of the world’s first environmental restoration projects was initiated when the imperial government of Brazil decided that Tijuca should become a rainforest preserve…

Read the full article on It’s All Well and Good Magazine.

I deeply appreciate your support for ongoing reporting and advocacy on behalf of the small organic tree growers and organizations in the Atlantic Rainforest…

2 Comments on “Finding Hope During a Dark Night of the Earth’s Soul

  1. I love this post but mostly I love knowing that a powerful woman is part of the work of healing our Mother. Thank you for your work and words.

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