You drink Coffee. We plant Trees.

If you’ve followed this blog through the years, you know I’ve lost hope more than once along the way, due to the many challenges faced by my field partners. While searching for even a glimmer of hope to keep this project alive in my heart and mind, I discovered two pieces of history:


1 – The first Europeans to arrive in Rio de Janeiro cut the forest for firewood and construction. Then lower areas were slashed and burned to clear land for sugar plantations. When coffee was brought to the area in 1760, further swathes were cut to create plantations. By then, deforestation had destroyed Rio’s watershed.

In 1861 one of the world’s first environmental restoration projects was initiated when the imperial government of Brazil decided that Tijuca should become a rainforest preserve. Brazilian Emperor Dom Pedro II assigned the enormous task of replanting the entire forest to a military commander. With the labor of 7 people (unknown slaves) they took saplings from other areas of the Atlantic Forest and planted native trees with a selection of exotics, in less than 13 years. In 1961 Tijuca was declared a National Park.

Mother and Child planting Tree

2 – The 5,000 trees we’ve given back to the land over the last years were planted in the Vale do Paraiba, São Paulo state, Brazil. The very area pictured in this photo from 1882, showing slaves working in coffee plantations of the denuded rainforest. Some of the people receiving the trees now, could be descendants of people who had worked in these fields. Both land and people are healing.

Slaves at a coffee yard in Vale do Paraiba, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Now, you can receive 2 bags of organic coffee beans as a gift of gratitude for supporting our goal of creating new rainforest tree nurseries in areas where people want more trees to restore their aquifers. And coming from you, through us, recipients will use only the labor of love, for their own health, water and land to care for the trees.

It’s taken years to find an organic Brazilian coffee company to partner with our reforestation project. Years. This month we’ve successfully made the first deliveries, via our new “I GiveTrees is Building a Rainforest Tree Nursery” campaign on Indiegogo!

If you’d like to receive 2 bags to help us keep planting trees in former coffee country, just click here to go directly to a payment page. We can only ship within the USA.

Finally, coffee that restores the rainforest. And hope.

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