Initiative 4 per 1000 Declaration of Intention

Rainforest ECO Enterprises and the iGive Trees project and are both honored to be among the signatory organizations of this Declaration of Support for the Initiative 4 per 1000: Soils for Food Security and Climate. We look forward to meeting with the other global citizen initiative representatives in Marrakesh at COP22 this November.

The Initiative has set itself the goal of helping address the following three issues:

  • Improvement of food security by enhancing soil fertility and combating land degradation.
  • Adaptation of agriculture to climate disruption.
  • Mitigation of climate change.

We were included thanks to recognition by the French Ministry of Ecology  for our citizen initiative projects in Brazil.


As an artist, I was inspired to translate the Declaration of Intention into the font TREE created by Katie Holton, in symbolic commitment. What you see planted on the right is a transcription of the words you see on the written on the left.

May these words take root and grow.


2017 UPDATE: To see photos of the actual banner and its international signers at COP22, visit my blog post on Medium.

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