Alana Lea is a voice for the rainforest. Born in the Mata Atlântica of Rio de Janeiro, Alana moved to the US as a baby. She cultivated her passion for the plant kingdom over forty years: beginning as a landscape designer in Puerto Rico, then as tropical nursery, plant shop and plant maintenance company in Oregon, leading to a decade of focus as reforestation project manager in Brazil.

The iGiveTrees crowdfunding campaigns were then launched to gather small gifts from the global public, allowing her to buy organic trees from small rural associations in Brazil, and give them back to the people who live in the degraded rainforest.

Her botanical art has been published in books, magazines and exhibited at the Bruce Museum of Arts and Sciences, the Smithsonian Institution and Museum of Natural History. Her environmental art has been displayed at the U.N. international Conference of Parties: COP22, COP23, COP24, the Global Climate Action Summit and the Agroforestry World Congress.








FOUNDING DIRECTOR – iGiveTreesIn 2012 she brought the project to the EarthWays Foundation for nonprofit fiscal sponsorship. In 2017 the project moved to ISI for nonprofit fiscal sponsorship.


Paul Hawken – Author of Blessed Unrest, Founder of  Project Drawdown

“Having observed the growth of an idea to renew an endangered Brazilian rainforest, persist through every imaginable form of drought, I feel the strength of spirit present to succeed with the next phase. The people Alana has gathered together from around the globe, who have the capacity to make this vision real, are on the move to do some serious carbon drawdown!”

Lynne Twist – Co-Founder of  The Pachamama Alliance

“Alana Lea is an extraordinary activist who works and writes from a deep spiritual and trustworthy taproot. She inspires us to step forward boldly and participate with our hearts and our personal potency to ensure a nourishing and healthy life for ourselves and everyone alive at this critical time in history, while ensuring the preservation of a healthy and restored ecology for all future generations.”

Caroline MacDougall – Founder of Teeccino


See more photos of the 4per1000 banner at COP22.

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