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Assets and Resources Being Shared Among Global Citizen Initiatives


Ever since we were invited to participate in 100 Projects for the Climate by Mission Publique, I could feel the direction of the wind had changed. It was now at our backs, rather than blustering at gale force in front…

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Q. When Trees are Planted in the Forest, Do They Make Music?

Q. When trees are planted in the forest, do they make music?
A. They do if iGiveTrees raised the money to plant them!

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Initiative 4 per 1000 Declaration of Intention

As a tree-hugging artist, I was inspired to translate the 4per1000: Soils for Food Security and Climate’s Declaration of Intention into the font TREE created by Katie Holton. May these words take root and grow.

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Has big conservation gone astray?

Photo by Rhett Butler/Mongabay

The world’s biggest conservation groups have embraced a human-centric approach known as “new conservation.” But is it up to the task of saving life on Earth?

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Calm down Zika people, calm down

Clippings from a Reuters article titled “Why Brazil has a big appetite for risky pesticides” last year: <<In 2012, Brazil passed the United States as the largest buyer of pesticides. This rapid growth has made Brazil an enticing market for…

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Give Hope to the Rainforest

Join us in giving hope to a rainforest that’s 93% gone. That statistic isn’t working for anyone, so we’re building new native tree nurseries. Then we’ll continue giving more organically grown, native species trees to smallholders in Brazil’s endangered Atlantic Rainforest. My…

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You drink Coffee. We plant Trees.

If you’ve followed this blog through the years, you know I’ve lost hope more than once along the way, due to the many challenges faced by my field partners. While searching for even a glimmer of hope to keep this…

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Finding Hope During a Dark Night of the Earth’s Soul

Over the last six years of rainforest renewal projects in Brazil, I’ve had to dig deep to keep finding hope for our beautiful planet’s future. Once a haven of biodiversity, 93% of Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest has been destroyed during the…

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2015 International Day of Trees News Snips

Image: Peter van der Sleen

The flying river is a movement of large quantities of water vapor transported in the atmosphere from the Amazon Basin to other parts of South America. The forest trees release water vapor into the atmosphere through transpiration and this moisture…

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I Just Want A Rainforest

Since 2010 the iGive Trees project has been crowdfunding the renewal of an endangered rainforest in Brazil. We’re thrilled to announce that 32 page, full color book is now available, documenting our story.

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