EarthWays Foundation | Organic Rainforest Project

Project Description

This EarthWays Foundation project grew from the roots of the iGiveTrees campaign in 2012, after witnessing the challenges of rural Brazilian small landholders. Confronted yearly by droughts and floods due to extreme deforestation of the Atlantic Rainforest, their problems were compounded by the presence of GMO farms and eucalyptus plantations using toxic chemical herbicides, resulting in both the depletion and contamination of groundwater. This contributed to epic droughts in 2015, as well as grave illness in communities downstream.

After 8 years of research and relationship building, a goal was set to build the first of several organic native tree nurseries, to fulfill the purposes of small, local NGOs and people they serve. Collectively, they own thousands of acres of deforested land in watershed areas, that are in need of billions of trees to restore both local and global water systems.

We support their efforts to collect seed and grow native species trees to be used for reforestation. Our only requirement is commitment to plant and maintain them without the use of agrochemicals. We encourage the practices of organic agroforestry through video and hands-on training.

Our Mission

Organic Rainforests’ mission is to support organic agroforestry by establishing native seed banks, propagating native species trees, shrubs and edible plants, with the priority of revitalizing rainforests in water source areas.

Our Goals

• to sponsor trainings in sustainable methods of seed collection, organic plant propagation and permaculture

• to support the establishment of native rainforest seed banks with local NGOs

• to build tree nurseries with local NGOs to support small agroforestry projects

• to give organically grown native species trees to small landholders for their reforestation needs in watershed areas

Organic Rainforests (ECO Floresta) is a project of EarthWays, a registered public charity, which provides non-profit status.

US tax deductible contributions in support of this project are payable to:
EarthWays/Organic Rainforests Project

Mailed to:

EarthWays Foundation
20178 Rockport Way
Malibu, CA 90265

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Our project is proud to be listed with 1% for the Planet.




One Comment on “EarthWays Foundation | Organic Rainforest Project

  1. Friends, if a US tax deduction is important to you, please use the mailing address posted above to send a check, noting it’s for ECOfloresta/Organic Rainforests. But if you’d like to support us in the most immediate way, please just use one of the new links on the right side of this page. When you make a donation here, you will receive an autoresponder within the hour, with downloads of gratitude gifts.

    Note that these links are NON tax deductible, crowdfunding donations, just like you see on Indiegogo.

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