iGiveTreesLogo2016-Regen.jpgECOfloresta supports the iGiveTrees project which began in 2009 after witnessing the challenges of rural Brazilian smallholders. There, environmental education is mainly funded by agrochemical companies through big international NGOs. People are taught to use the sponsor’s products and seeds, abandoning traditional practices to favor chemically intensive methods.


Confronted yearly by droughts and floods due to extreme deforestation of the Atlantic Rainforest, their problems are compounded by the presence of GMO farms and eucalyptus plantations using toxic herbicides, resulting in both the depletion and contamination of groundwater. This contributed to epic droughts in 2015, as well as grave illness in communities downstream.

In 2010 the iGiveTrees project began crowdfunding to buy organically grown native species trees that were then given to smallholders for their reforestation needs through small local NGOs. By 2016 a total of 6,000 trees had been planted, and maintained in the field. Many of the trees were sponsored by creative young people in both the USA and Brazil.

In 2016 the iGiveTrees project was recognized as one of 100 Projects for the Climate, citizen initiatives that took action to mitigate the effects of global warming, by the French Ministry of Environment. We were invited to participate in COP22 to begin the process of scaling our reach.


In 2017 we produced an event for Project Drawdown at COP23 that included a presentation by Fazenda da Toca, who we hope to partner with for the urban food forest project in São Paulo.

Our next project includes 3 of the top 15 Global Warming solutions researched by Project Drawdown: regeneration of Tropical Forestsplanting Tropical Staple Tree Crops, and Afforestation in urban settings.


In 2018 we are planning to host the first training in the Miyawaki Method of afforestation in Brazil, in partnership with Afforestt, Fazenda da Toca and the city of São Paulo. Participants will be given the training required to become regenerative environmental entrepreneurs in the endangered rainforest they call home.


Our Mission



ECOfloresta is the US non-profit funding partner of the iGiveTrees project in Brazil. 

Our mission is to create educational events to support the planting and maintenance of tropical trees, and the organic enrichment of their soil, to drawdown CO2.

Our goal is to train new environmental entrepreneurs in methods that will restore their rainforests, while feeding their communities.

Our core values are commitments to positive, ethical, organic and regenerative practices to preserve and restore the integrity of native species plants, trees, soils and pollinators in Brazil.

ECOfloresta / Organic Rainforests (EFOR) is a Fiscally Sponsored Project of Inquiring Systems, Inc. (ISI).  ISI is a California Nonprofit 501(c) (3) Corporation Founded in 1978

US tax deductible donations and grants in support of these projects are made via our fiscal sponsor, Inquiring Systems Inc.

Please help our impact to grow.

You can make checks payable to ISI with “ISI/EFOR” included in the memo, mailed to:

Inquiring Systems Inc., 

101 Brookwood Ave., Suite 204, 

Santa Rosa, CA 95404


ECOfloresta is also proud to be listed with 1% for the Planet.



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