If they want to build a prison in your neighborhood – just plant a forest.

Suppose you lived in a beautiful neighborhood of Sao Paulo, and you learn that the City has decided it’s the ideal location to build a new prison. What do you do? Complain endlessly about how wrong this is? Or take…

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Yes! YES!

I LOVE it that in a year when the news on tv sounded like a doomsday movie script, that we occupied fear and anger and resentment against injustice, that we also increased our giving back to the earth by 300% — at least in one little corner of it…

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Cancun Agreements strengthened REDD

My concern is how long it will take to get to implementation and results-based-payment-for-performance. We need to be in action, now. Amplify’d from http://www.rainforestpartnership.org One of the most positive outcomes of the COP 16 was the progress made on REDD+. …

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