2015 International Day of Trees News Snips

Image: Peter van der Sleen

The flying river is a movement of large quantities of water vapor transported in the atmosphere from the Amazon Basin to other parts of South America. The forest trees release water vapor into the atmosphere through transpiration and this moisture…

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The squeeze: Brazil cuts off credit to illegal loggers – AlertNet

With fines for illegal deforestation rarely paid, Brazil is using a novel approach to save the Amazon: block those who clear land illegally from accessing credit. And, refreshingly, the system seems to be working. By Daniel Cooney for http://blog.cifor.org/

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World to Brazil’s President Dilma: Save the Amazon

Originally Posted on Avaaz.org: 15 August 2011 The Amazon is in serious danger: Brazil is on the verge of gutting its forest protection laws — unless we act now, vast tracts of our planet’s lungs could be opened up to clear-cutting devastation. This threat…

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Science has been nearly silent in Brazil’s Forest Code debate

A recent push to revise Brazil’s forest code has emerged as one of the more contentious political issues in the country, pitting agribuisness against environmentalists trying to preserve the Amazon rainforest. Historically, the forest code has required private landowners to maintain a substantial proportion of natural forest cover on their properties, though the law has often been ignored…

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Rainforest ECO – A Story of Homecoming

This story was recently posted on DC Cordova’s blog, for her new Entrepreneur Stimulus series…

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Networking for the Amazon in Sao Paulo

It’s been an amazing week of making connections for the Amazon rainforest. Yesterday I had a meeting with a Brazilian furniture designer, Fabiola Bergamo, who has been making trips into remote reserves to work alongside of native craftsmen to build…

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Invitation to Hileia Reserve

Dear Alana, It was a pleasure to speak with you this afternoon and to hear about your plans to establish a business with an admirable vision. I am also very pleased to hear that you are considering a visit to…

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