If they want to build a prison in your neighborhood – just plant a forest.

Suppose you lived in a beautiful neighborhood of Sao Paulo, and you learn that the City has decided it’s the ideal location to build a new prison. What do you do? Complain endlessly about how wrong this is? Or take…

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How to Make Love Visible…

I just remembered who I am, and what I’m here for. I make connections between people, places and things that yearn for one another. As we come together, we renew what has been degraded – in our own minds and…

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What if TOMS shoes liked our fabrics?

I’m going to meet with the TOMs team next week, to show them our fabrics and talk about Brazil. Since they’re all about making an Impact, and helping you and I to make one just by wearing their shoes, I’d like to make *double impact* by offering shoes that benefit both barefoot children who need them and the rainforest.

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