WeForest Founder Bill Liao: A Long Journey to TED

Bill Liao, Founder of WeForest, wants to plant 2 trillion trees by 2020, to halt global warming. He’s made the commitment not to fly again until that goal has been achieved. For a man with over 3 million frequent flyer miles across 5 different programs, that’s no small thing. This is a man who walks his talk. Literally.

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What If You Could Help Halt Global Warming, Preserve Wildlife Species, and Live with Greater Sustainability – Would You Do It?

Meet the founders of CPR Earth, myEarth360 and Rainforest ECObank on an interactive conference call this Saturday, Aug 6 at 10am PST. Bring your questions and prepare to network with others about your own projects and passions for the Earth. It’s free and HOPE-Full.

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Global Cooling Begins With You

Global cooling begins with you when you eat less meat, walk more often, consume locally produced goods and plant trees to replace what was cut down before people knew better. So what are YOU waiting for?

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