Planting Hope in Young Hearts

Video highlights of Earthday 2017 talk for Manzanita School by Alana Lea, Founder of iGiveTrees.

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The Two Faces of Reforestation in Brazil | Care2 Causes | Earth Day 2014

The Two Faces of Reforestation in Brazil

There are two faces of reforestation in Brazil. One is that of a simple country person with her family, bare-footed or flip-flopped, collecting seeds from the Mother trees of their region. They know the trees like they know their own…

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Connect the Dots Interview on GMO Rainforests

October was GMO Awareness Month, and I was honored to be interviewed by Alison Rose Levy for a compelling conversation on her PRN radio program Connect the Dots. She asked such good questions! Let me know what you think…

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GMO Corn and Trees Replace a Rainforest

After spending the last three and a half months in Brazil, I am silently processing what I discovered: GMO corn and eucalyptus trees are rapidly replacing the most diverse rainforest on the planet.

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Trees of Transformation – a video book

Trees of Transformation is the first in a series of wake up storybooks about the people who are taking a stand for Nature in the midst of corporate giants. One of those people is Alana Lea, who became a voice…

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Synchronicity + Innovation + Joy = SINAL

What happens when Synchronicity, Innovation and Joy meet? SINAL stands for Synchronicity (Sincronismo in Portuguese), Innovation (Inovação) and Joy (Alegria). It’s a living laboratory nestled within the Atlantic Rainforest less than hour outside of the city of Rio de Janeiro….

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Agape Love Sends 688 Trees to the Rainforest

While I can’t tell you the results of the BBC Reality TV contest yet : ) I can tell you that Agape’s LOVE IN ACTION is a REALITY! Their support has raised enough money to buy 688 trees over the…

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Dear Prince Charles

Dear Prince Charles, You don’t know me yet, but my (British) Mother always knew we would work together on something. This is it. In Copenhagen you said, If deforestation can be stopped in its tracks, then we will be able…

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