Planting Hope in Young Hearts

Video highlights of Earthday 2017 talk for Manzanita School by Alana Lea, Founder of iGiveTrees.

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2015 International Day of Trees News Snips

Image: Peter van der Sleen

The flying river is a movement of large quantities of water vapor transported in the atmosphere from the Amazon Basin to other parts of South America. The forest trees release water vapor into the atmosphere through transpiration and this moisture…

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The Two Faces of Reforestation in Brazil | Care2 Causes | Earth Day 2014

The Two Faces of Reforestation in Brazil

There are two faces of reforestation in Brazil. One is that of a simple country person with her family, bare-footed or flip-flopped, collecting seeds from the Mother trees of their region. They know the trees like they know their own…

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Connect the Dots Interview on GMO Rainforests

October was GMO Awareness Month, and I was honored to be interviewed by Alison Rose Levy for a compelling conversation on her PRN radio program Connect the Dots. She asked such good questions! Let me know what you think…

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From an Endangered Rainforest to Your Garbage Can and Toilet

Who’d have known that the “genetically improved” Eucalyptus plantations near our organic reforestation projects were supported by an international NGO in partnership with Monsanto, paper and aluminum industries? These new trees reforesting the area provide pulp for toilet paper and diapers while the aluminum mines nearby wrap your hot dogs.

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GMO Corn and Trees Replace a Rainforest

After spending the last three and a half months in Brazil, I am silently processing what I discovered: GMO corn and eucalyptus trees are rapidly replacing the most diverse rainforest on the planet.

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Marie Diamond Show to Feature Rainforest ECObank Founder Alana Lea

Please join me live on Saturday, October 1, 2011 when I’ll co-host the Marie Diamond Show (online) at 10am Pacific. http://www.vokle.com/events/25069-the-marie-diamond-show If you miss the live interaction (Twitter streams live during show – and you can type in questions for…

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Forks Over Knives = Trees Over Cattle

Having just attended the premier of Forks Over Knives, and made my first walk down a red carpet, I was surprised when my interview was included within this clip: But I shouldn’t be surprised, because the evolution of consciousness cannot…

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We Replant a Rainforest – Want to Help?

Meet Dito, one of many Dito’s you’ll find in rural Brazil. An affectionate derivative of the name “Benedict,” it seems to acknowledge a simple connection with the Earth. At least, that’s the way I see it. My best friends in…

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The price of not listening to nature

By LEONARDO BOFF The environmental, social and human cataclysm that befell the three mountain counties of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Petropolis, Teresopolis and Nova Friburgo, in the second week of January, with hundreds of deaths, destruction of entire…

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