FRED talk > TED talk – I’m Talking to YOU about Replanting a Degraded Rainforest

TED talks are my absolute favorite form of edutainment, so when I was invited to speak at a Los Angeles Fred Talk in December, I was one happy Brazilian! FRED is based on TED…and the similarity in names is no…

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How to Make Love Visible…

I just remembered who I am, and what I’m here for. I make connections between people, places and things that yearn for one another. As we come together, we renew what has been degraded – in our own minds and…

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What if you held a raffle and nobody bought a ticket?

I see the renewal of the slashed and burned rainforest as the perfect metaphor for life itself these days. We have pillaged our own legacy, but have before us the chance to renew it.

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$20 Gift Certificate Offer with Rainforest Pillows

If you order 2 throw pillows from our gallery today, May 31, you will receive a $20 gift certificate with your order that can be used toward future orders of our scarves, shawls, ties belts or other offerings. You can use it yourself or give it to a friend to enroll them in the cause with you.

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