How Steve Jobs Answered My Email

This is the how Steve Jobs answered my email. At 9:35am on September 2, 2011, I forwarded an article entitled: Steve Jobs, World’s Greatest Philanthropist from the Harvard Business Review, to the WeForest founder, Bill Liao, with the question, “Do…

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Marie Diamond Show to Feature Rainforest ECObank Founder Alana Lea

Please join me live on Saturday, October 1, 2011 when I’ll co-host the Marie Diamond Show (online) at 10am Pacific. http://www.vokle.com/events/25069-the-marie-diamond-show If you miss the live interaction (Twitter streams live during show – and you can type in questions for…

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WeForest Founder Bill Liao: A Long Journey to TED

Bill Liao, Founder of WeForest, wants to plant 2 trillion trees by 2020, to halt global warming. He’s made the commitment not to fly again until that goal has been achieved. For a man with over 3 million frequent flyer miles across 5 different programs, that’s no small thing. This is a man who walks his talk. Literally.

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#CALL4TREES – A Conversation about HOPE with Julia Butterfly Hill, Changents and We Forest team members about how YOU can help reverse global warming

Join us for a rare opportunity to have a conversation about HOPE with environmental activist Julia Butterfly Hill. (You remember, the young woman who lived on a platform atop a 1,500 year old tree for 2 years to prevent it from being cut down.)

Julia will be joining me, along with the international team from WeForest, our friends at Changents, and hopefully, our field partners in Brazil.

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