Planting Hope in Young Hearts

Video highlights of Earthday 2017 talk for Manzanita School by Alana Lea, Founder of iGiveTrees.

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Initiative 4 per 1000 Declaration of Intention

As a tree-hugging artist, I was inspired to translate the 4per1000: Soils for Food Security and Climate’s Declaration of Intention into the font TREE created by Katie Holton. May these words take root and grow.

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2015 International Day of Trees News Snips

Image: Peter van der Sleen

The flying river is a movement of large quantities of water vapor transported in the atmosphere from the Amazon Basin to other parts of South America. The forest trees release water vapor into the atmosphere through transpiration and this moisture…

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Industry Propaganda Claims Genetically Engineered Trees Can Solve the Global Warming Crisis

As governments and citizens face up to the reality of climate change and the urgent need for action to reduce heat-trapping Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, one of the more controversial solutions presented has been that of “Carbon Sinks”. Plantation forests are being presented as a means for growing trees to absorb more carbon dioxide from the air and help to reduce global temperatures.

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1992-2012 Climate Change Timeline from Rio+20 Glob-All Poster Exhibit

When I toured the Glob-All Poster exhibit created to commemorate the Rio+20 Earth Summit, I really expected to find more heart. But it seems the designers hadn’t really allowed the information they were supposed to be touching us with, into…

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The Unexpected was Expected at #RioPlus20

I came to Rio expecting the unexpected to be the best part of the journey. So far, so good. Since I’m not able to collect credentials for entry to the UN event that were kindly offered to me by WiserEarth…

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Severn Cullis Suzuki Calls Climate Change a Crime

Severn Cullis Suzuki was the most memorable voice at the original Rio Earth Summit in 1992. Now a youth advocate for intergenerational justice, she says climate change is a crime. “Lifting human consciousness to become champions for a world that…

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The State of the World Forests report by the UN for the International Year of Forests 2011

The year 2011 has been designated ‘The International Year of Forests’ by the United Nations General Assembly. This builds on momentum already generated in other international arenas, such as those related to climate change and biodiversity, to bring even greater…

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